Design ideas for a teenage girl’s room

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Design ideas for a teenage girl’s room Children grow up very quickly and together they remove their preferences and hobbies. A cosy little room with teddy bears and horses no longer appeals to a girl like it once did. A room for a teenage girl should become her personal space and a castle, which is arranged according to her taste.


Before starting to repair a room for a 13-14-year-old girl, you should consult with the child and take into account his preferences. Then parents should evaluate how good this or that piece of furniture is so that it is not only beautiful but also multifunctional, and safe for health. Therefore, the biggest focus will be on old furniture removal and replacing it with new ones.

In our article, you will see interesting design solutions that can become an example or inspiration for you to create your design. Do not forget about artificial lighting. It should be on the bed, on the table and next to the mirror. This will protect your child’s vision. Also, using the colour of the wallpaper, you can make the zoning of the room, which is necessary for a teenage girl. Areas in which the room should be divided:

– A place to relax or meet friends


The main task of parents when renovating a room is to highlight each area, create an atmosphere for each activity and at the same time not spoil the general style of the room. To distinguish a room, it is good to use different shades of wallpaper.


What furniture to choose?

If you are choosing furniture for a teenage girl aged 13-15 years, then first of all you should pay attention to its functionality. For a teenager of this age, a furniture is simply a place where the child can put all his things, such as books, magazines, and CDs so that they do not interfere during relaxation or going out with friends.

The furniture should be dominated by light colours, which will not highlight the furniture strongly and thus will not clutter the room.

Furniture should also be safe to use, even though a child at this age is considered quite old, he is still a child. The furniture should be durable and able to withstand all the girls’ pranks, as everyone knows how teenagers love to play pranks and have fun at this age. If the room in which the girl was placed is not large, then the corners of the furniture should not be sharp and in no case should they protrude. Since it is full of injuries.

In the girl’s room, everything should be in moderation, the furniture should not be too much. Choose multifunctional, mobile and modular furniture that you can rearrange or remove from the room if necessary. Best for this age instead of a bed. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the sofa and its comfort, since at this age the spine of the child is still forming.

Do not confuse a small room with furniture, as space is very important for a teenager. In no case do not put a large wardrobe in a small room, it is better to put it in the corridor or the living room. So that the girl can easily get the things she needs, I put shelves and a small closet in her room.


In order not to fill the room with chairs for friends, buy soft and colourful pillows. If you have nowhere to put your winter clothes, try to find special drawers for them that will fit under the bed. If you have two children, then this is an excellent solution. This way you can save space and create more space for the children.

Walls for a teenage girl are best done in light colours, the wallpaper can also be patterned and textured, so you will give the room a feeling of space and sunlight. Also, an interesting solution would be to limit the room of a teenager with the help of colour. For example, a seating area can be transformed into soothing colours such as soft blue, beige or soft pink. The work area should be dominated by shades of green. For that part of the room where the girl will organize gatherings with her friends, you can choose rainbow colouring, in addition, the use of stencils and decorative stickers will make the corner unusual.


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