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Winter is on its way and with it comes a range of enjoyable activities: evenings spent in front of the fireplace, hot cocoa, delicious curries and hearty stews, boardgames with loved ones and, of course, lying in for a cold-weather sleep-athon.

While this may sound wonderful to some, others may struggle to sleep soundly during the cooler months as longer nights and a change in daily routines can disrupt sleep cycles.

To help, the dream team from Driftaway, suppliers of superior mattresses, bases, pillows and more, shares their top tips for sleeping better all winter.

Skip lie-ins and naps

As cosy and comfy as your bed might be, it’s not a good idea to curl up there during the day if you’re not planning on sleeping. (Save the movie marathons for the couch, and all that work on your laptop for your home office.) Having a nap for adults may tell your body that you already got some of your 8 hours in already and you end up waking up in the middle of the night wide awake.”

Get some exercise

“Cold weather, late sunrises and early sunsets can make it more difficult to squeeze in a workout – and harder to feel motivated too. But committing to get moving for at least 30 minutes most days can help you expend extra energy during the day and drift off to sleep more easily at night.”

Don’t overheat your house

Colder temperatures are conducive for sleeping since the body’s internal temperature drops as it prepares for slumber. The worst is when your bedroom is on the second floor, and because heat rises it tends to be the warmest part of the house. If you’re feeling restless or warm at night, try turning down your heat or shedding a layer of clothing or bedding to see if that helps.”

Invest in a humidifier

“Winter air can also equal dry air, which can trigger dry, itchy skin and irritate your nose and throat. Both can make it difficult to drift off to dreamland. A humidifier can help by putting more moisture back into the air.”

Go easy with the red wine

“This one is true any time of year, but long winter nights—especially around the holidays—often provide opportunities for overindulging. And even small amounts of alcohol can disrupt sleep, especially before bedtime.”


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