Embrace Comfort with Kehls: Explore a World of Soft Furnishings

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It’s time to get our homes ready for the festive season. Sometimes we need a total revamp and sometimes we just need to add something new and beautiful. Today we are embracing comfort with Kehls and exploring a world of soft furnishings to bring colour and light into our homes.

Find a full variety of beautiful 50×50 scatter cushion covers available at Kehls. Pick and choose from this pretty printed polycotton selection. Select colours and patterns that compliment your space or add a fresh summer touch to your interior. From the bedroom to the living room, fresh new soft furnishings can give your home a whole new look and feel.


Changing things up seasonally can give your home a more interesting ambience. New colours and textures can add intrigue and excitement as the seasons change. For instance, using lighter, brighter colours in spring and summer can give your space a more vibrant feel, while warmer, deeper tones in autumn and winter can create a cosy atmosphere.

Furthermore, by experimenting with different patterns, fabrics, and styles, you get to express your creativity and adapt your home’s ambience to your preferences. It offers an opportunity for personal expression and adds a dynamic touch to your living space.


Scatter cushions are an economical way to bring change and colour to any room. Additionally, colours and textures have a profound effect on mood. Lighter tones might uplift while deeper, richer hues can bring drama and comfort. So, depending on your personal preference, your choice of soft furnishing can enhance your space and bring your unique flair to a room.


Kehl’s cushion inners (hollow fibre filling) are available in store in a 50×50 and 60×60 sizes. They are also happy to make up customised sizes for you.



And for even more comfort, an extra mattress always comes in handy. How about ordering a futon mattress in the fabric of your choice? Great for a sleeper couch! Kehls has plain colour futon mattresses in store but they are happy to show you a variety of fabrics that would be ideal for covering a futon mattress. Match it up with your existing room or lounge décor.

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