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The Mattress Warehouse for introducing biophilic design


Based on a love of the great outdoors and all fauna and flora, biophilic design is a nature-based design philosophy rooted in the concept of well-being. Post-pandemic, it has become a popular decorative style worldwide and a hot decor trend for 2023, especially as homeowners seek to create comfortable, nurturing spaces in which to relax and recharge. `This, of course, makes it a great style choice for bedrooms. Those private sanctuaries we all need at the end of the day to rest and grow.

To help bring it home, here the team from The Mattress Warehouse, SA’s most trusted online bedroom furniture retailer, shares their top tips and ideas for introducing biophilic design into the bedroom.

  1. Bedlinen and accessories
    Linen and accessories such as scatter cushions and throws with botanical or other nature-themed prints are a great place to start. Also opt for natural fabrics as much as possible (think cotton, linen and wool), as these establish a more authentic connection with nature.
  2. Window treatments
    Just like your bedding, your choice of window treatments can go a long way in achieving the desired overall effect. Opt for natural fabrics for curtains, bamboo, jute or rope, or even wood shutters for an organic effect.
  3. Shapes and silhouettes
    Drawing inspiration from nature, biophilic designs are all about soft curves and balanced proportions, so choose furniture that fits within this design framework. 
  4. Materials
    Apart from natural fabrics and materials for linen and other soft furnishings, also opt for natural and/or organic materials such as wood, jute and stone for furniture and flooring as much as possible.
  5. Plants
    Of course, an easy and effective way to instantly make a room more nature-friendly is by introducing plants. Large, leafy houseplants are a great option for the bedroom, as are fresh flowers.
  6. Natural light
    A key concept in biophilic design is also light. In this case, natural light, so ensure your bedroom receives sufficient sunlight during the day to create a bright, sunny space. A little patio outside a bedroom with a small cafe table and chairs where you can read or enjoy your morning coffee is a great idea to not only soak in some natural light but also get loads of fresh air.
  7. Art
    Adding botanical or landscape art to your room decor is another great way to introduce biophilic design into your bedroom.


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