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Established in 2018, La Perle has quickly become popular among designers and customers looking for pretty home decor, including soft furnishings and wall decor.

Based in Paarl, just outside Cape Town, La Perle specialises in digital textile (fabric) printing, using only natural fabrics.

“Our field of expertise has evolved from linen and cotton to wallpaper and will soon include custom-designed wooden furniture reflecting our philosophy: to offer unique features; be of the highest quality that you will love for years to come,” says the company.

In addition, the company also offers bespoke design services.

The talented team is not only pros at creating beautiful prints and more but also helping clients plan beautiful spaces. One such home space they especially love is a nursery.

Here, the team shares some of their top tips for creating a beautiful and unique nursery of your own.

  1. Start small and simplistic
    “Do not spend a lot of money as the little one will soon outgrow the nursery and you will need to adjust it as they grow.  Rather make provision for early stages, keep it simple and make provision for a crib, chair, baby changing station, and a bed.”
  2. Choose a colour scheme
    “The trend lately was for a very neutral room and yes, it needs to be a calm and peaceful environment but colour and its influence on visual and cognitive development (the mental ability of thinking, language, perception, learning, memory) is very important. Babies start to perceive colours from two to four months old. You will see that your baby recognises bright-coloured objects first. And it is good and necessary for their development. Don’t be afraid to use adult designs and colours. The little one will grow up faster than you can imagine.”
  3. And a theme
    “Nursery themes that are trending this year include the always-popular rainbow, safari animals, farm animals, dinosaurs, and nature.”
  4. Avoid clutter
    “Don’t clutter the room – leave enough space for a toddler to explore and play.”
  5. Let your nursery design speak to the decor in the rest of your home
    “A nursery can be sophisticated, too. Use textures and materials that you use in the rest of your home to create a comfortable, serene nursery by introducing natural elements such as plants and organic materials to the design.

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