Maldini: A Journey To Discover Pianca’s Bedroom Collections

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Come one a journey with us as we discover some of the favourites from Pianca’s bedroom collections, now available in South Africa through Maldini.

Let’s explore the emotive and evocative narrative to reveal Pianca’s bedroom collections: “Il tempo della notte”. This is a journey through classic and contemporary icons, a collection of different settings capable of conjuring up worlds, memories and dreams.

The furniture abides inside Italian villas of bygone days, in period buildings with contemporary charm and in fluid spaces that become increasingly more hybrid. The main characters of an intimate story, each piece of furniture interprets the evocative charm of still and silent nights. 

From classic to contemporary homes, Pianca’s offerings express refined and inviting, personal and unique living trends. The wide range of custom options offered by Pianca’s furniture allow for tailored solutions. These feature details and finishes that enhance spaces and fit discreetly and elegantly in the most intimate place of the home. 

There is a piece for every personality and taste – a beautifully curated collection to bring harmony into the bedroom.

Find the latest Pianca bedroom collections now available at Maldini.


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