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Maldini presents Pianca Woodworking masters for 14 generations. The first “Da Pianca” were mentioned in documents that date back to the 16th century. What do they have in store for beds – Heart, Home & Contract. Beds designed by the best names in Italian design. These upholstered or wood-finished products range from minimalist lines to daring original designs.

Trama Legno

Minimalism reveals a sensational character. A modern interpretation of the classic four-legged bed; its fresh design boasts clear, clean-cut, lines. The leitmotif subsequently consists of an interplay of slanting boards. This gives the whole frame an almost graphic appeal.

Furthermore, the bed base frame and the headboard form a single, seamless and dynamic profile that enhances the solidity and natural beauty of the handcrafted solid wood. The same material and forms are thus picked up on the feet.


Harmony, balance and light-looking frames are inspired by Japanese culture. Fushimi is therefore a minimalist, elegantly lined design with an understated yet evocative tone. Solid ash or walnut wood is elaborately processed. Milled and turned with the skill of a craftsman, it becomes perfectly smooth and rounded. Furthermore, the headboard and the mattress base – which contains a structural base consisting of curved beech beech wood slats – are padded and upholstered.


Understated style, inviting contours, softly combined. Rada is a bed with a flowing, intimate and delicate profile. The headboard curves backwards gently. It, therefore, invites total relaxation, yielding to its form. The bed appears to derive from a single pen stroke. Its curves subsequently flow seamlessly into metal feet, in a supremely delicate yet natural contrast of materials.

The upholstery is light and carefully measured, the product of Philippe Tabet’s design style and the skilled hand of the master craftsman who created it. Furthermore, a metal frame combines with an aluminium alloy base, with a metallic or matt finish, in black and white. The headboard, available in two different heights, is made of polyurethane foam with a fixed fabric or leather cover.


Predominant, convincing simplicity. Refinement is expressed through detail that is tempting to touch. Handicraft workmanship is thus applied to solid wood, paired with sturdy, tapered lines for a soft-touch design. Furthermore, the headboard boasts large, feather-filled cushions that create a soft headrest to relax on. Additionally, the version with side tables features attractive, inclined, back legs that support practical, handy, rotating tops.


Inspired by a classic style with a contemporary appeal and linked by a brilliant design that definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. Traditional charm comes together using a topical, refined aesthetic language with vintage undertones. Light volumes, precious and significant finishes – such as the hand-pleated headboard finish – therefore make this model equally elegant and majestic in the plain-headboard version as well. The graceful bed frame rails are thus available in fluted, lacquered wood and accommodate the soft, padded frame of the bed base.

Trama Intreccio

Sophisticated atmospheres take shape thanks to the skilled dexterity of expert craftsmen. The headboard, completely covered with hand-woven leather, is a real eye-catcher. The result is thus a refined pattern made up of slim strips arranged at right angles. Accurate seams impeccably sew together the upholstery of the entire bed frame. Seamless results, therefore, enhance the expressive qualities of leather and the features of a design with a modern soul that expresses itself through refined details.

When selecting a bed from Pianca – you are spoiled for choice. Here exclusivity meets minimalism, meets grand workmanship and impeccable design. All these qualities are cleverly combined!

Find Pianca now available locally from Maldini.

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