Preparing for Spring with Chrysalis

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As the seasons begin to change so do our bedding collections. Chrysalis offers our customers the opportunity to refresh their living spaces starting with the sacred sanctuary of your bedrooms.

The first step is to swop out heavy winter bedding for lighter options that align better with our lovely, warm South African weather. It is certainly time to pack away the thick comforters and winter sheets and replace them with breathable materials like cotton or linen. Our Clima-Balance duvet inners are an absolute must-have for the approaching heat. They are breathable and lightweight as they are filled with 90% Goose Down and 10% Goose Feathers.

Another excellent way to capture the essence of spring within your bedroom is by opting for neutral-coloured bedding. These neutral shades evoke a serene and calming atmosphere but also allow one to explore colourful decorative styling options, such as adding a stylish light throw blanket or scatter pillows which will certainly give your space an edge to it.

Other options include a subtle pop of colour, with our reversible duvet and pillow covers, which will leave every spring lover comfortable and satisfied.

Our spring bedding surely serves as a metaphor for the approaching season’s themes of renewal and rejuvenation as it brings a touch of nature’s beauty into your home with a fabulous combination of luxurious comfort and captivating designs.

Come visit us at our Showroom on 19 Dartfield Road, Kramerville, Sandton, and begin your Chrysalis journey today. At Chrysalis we believe in catering to your style and finding the perfect combination of bedding which resonates with you.



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