Sealy: Creating A Calm Soothing Space

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A calm, soothing space is what we all desire at the end of a long day… And no space in a home fulfils this function better than a bedroom.

Not only are our bedrooms our private sanctuaries in which we relax and unwind, but it is also where we rest and revive our bodies and minds for the next day.

However, for bedrooms to accomplish all of this, the decor and design need to be just right. To help create a calm bedroom space, here the team from Sealy shares some top tips for peaceful nights and good mornings.

Stick to calm hues

Neutral tones and soft colours remain the best options for bedrooms to create a calm, soothing space. While a tightly edited colour palette may seem limiting, there are loads of other ways to inject visual interest. Think about shapes and textures – limewash paint, for instance, is a great option for adding depth and dimension to walls.

Create cosy nooks

A comfy chaise or armchair is a must for a bedroom – it’s the perfect place to read or enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the evening or early morning.

Choose the correct mattress

The correct mattress, which provides an adequate amount of support, is crucial for a good night’s rest. 

Sealy has a large variety to choose from, including classic Posturepedic options as well as adjustable options with several levels of incline, including anti-snore elevation and a steep raise for relaxation.

Play matchy-matchy

By matching your furniture and flooring wherever possible, you can create a calm space where items flow into one another and there are minimal variations that distract the eye.

Get the lighting just right

A bedroom requires layers of light – and lighting control – to be optimally functional: you will need natural light in the morning (and, of course, adequate window coverings to keep light out when you want to sleep), overhead ambient lighting, task lighting for applying make-up or reading, for instance, as well as decorative lighting.

Think about materials

Natural materials such as wood, wool, cotton and rattan are all great options for bedroom furniture and accessories – these eco materials have an innate calming effect.

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