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The Effect Sleep Has on Your Mental Health: How to Create the Best Sleeping Environment to Thrive


World Mental Health Day, celebrated every year on October 10th, emphasises the importance of understanding that mental health is essential for everyone and should be treated as a basic human right. According to a Harvard study, sleep and mental health are closely connected, and sleep deprivation affects your psychological state and mental health. Rudo Kemp, founder of Sloom, a local and innovative mattress company, shares his insights into creating the perfect sleeping environment to help you achieve your rest goals for both your body and mind.

The physical aspects of a mattress are pivotal in ensuring consistent, high-quality sleep, which in turn has profound effects on mental well-being,” says Kemp. Every individual’s body is unique, and what feels comfortable and supportive will vary. “We have always believed in personalisation and giving the power of choice back to the customer. Our mattresses are designed to be comfort-adjustable, allowing individuals to tailor the firmness to what feels best for them,” says Kemp. This kind of personalisation ensures that the physical connection between the sleeper and the mattress is in harmony, leading to a more restful sleep.

Reach your goals

Speaking of Harmony, International Business & Mindset Coach, Marley Rose Harris shares her top tips on using tools like manifestation and a bedtime routine to reach your goals both in business and in life. “Your subconscious mind is most malleable in the evening right before bed and in the morning. This is the best time to rewire your belief system. Before bed recall 5 things you are grateful for throughout the day, which can be little or big things. The purpose is to attune your mind to look to things to be grateful for. Right when your eyes open in the morning affirm anything you are focusing on manifesting.” says Harris. “Your subconscious mind is simply spectacular and sleep is the key to opening the door!” she adds excitedly.

Additionally, she suggests engaging in mindfulness meditation or deep breathing exercises to calm your mind, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. She also suggests reducing exposure to screens at least an hour before bedtime, including your laptop and television, to prevent blue light from disrupting your circadian rhythm and making it harder to fall asleep. “Getting Blue or Red Blocking Glasses is a great wellness hack to ensure your mind can really switch off,” adds Harris.

What to avoid?

Harris recommends a balanced diet, regular exercise, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol intake for mental well-being and sleep quality. Avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. In addition, “ensure spine alignment for deep sleep, as improper mattresses can disrupt REM sleep.” adds Kemp.

Design plays a big role in our sleeping environment, as a well-designed, harmonious bedroom can serve as a sanctuary, signaling to our brain that it’s time to unwind. “We’ve invested a lot of time in our design – creating simple, elegant aesthetics – free from clutter and distractions, creating a calming atmosphere,” says Kemp.

Mindfulness meditation or deep breathing exercises can help calm your mind, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality,” says Harris. Follow this link to get onto the waiting list for Marley’s The Hypnosis App which aims to heal and clear your subconscious mind using tools like hypnosis and Rapid Resolution Therapy. You will be able to rewire limiting beliefs that are blocking you from attracting the money, love, and life that you desire.

In essence, while there are many external factors that contribute to our stress, our bedroom should serve as a counterbalance, providing physical comfort and a calming ambiance – setting yourself up for manifestation, breathwork, and self-care. Your bedroom is the stage for a restorative night’s sleep, providing a refuge from daily pressures.

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