SpaceSave: Entertain In Style This Holiday Season With the Folding 4-in-1 Table

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As we approach the holidays with Easter, Eid and school holidays just around the bend, it’s time to rethink our entertainment spaces and plan ahead for a memorable season.

Hosting parties and gatherings at home during the holidays can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a challenge when it comes to space. If you’re short on space, a space-saving table that folds can be a great solution for entertaining at home. The innovative folding 4-in-1 table from SpaceSave comes as the ideal solution for those busy periods when you need more space!

Those living in smaller apartments will know all about the challenge of trying to fit your friends and family into a small livable space. When space is very limited, entertaining may not be possible. However, with clever solutions like the folding 4-in-1 table from SpaceSave, the possibilities suddenly present themselves!

This table is perfect for small spaces, especially for singles or couples as well as the elderly who have perhaps downsized into retirement homes and may not have the space to entertain friends and family.

This table gives you the opportunity to extend your ‘dining space’ so that you can still entertain. Furthermore, it’s compact and versatile, making it a great choice for the modern lifestyle. What’s more is that over the holidays when you may have larger groups over at your home, it is also great to create the additional temporary space you may need for larger family gatherings. A space-saving winner for the holidays at home!

What are the 4 functions, you may be wondering?

#1 Console:

The free-standing sideboard is wide enough to display a multitude of items on top.

#2 Storage:

Inside is a nifty two-shelf storage cupboard – the shelves can store writing/work utensils, 2 l drinks bottles or even condiments and smaller toys. Side panels prevent items from falling out during movement.

#3 Table:

Fold up one side of the table and seat 1 or 2 people. Open both panels and turn the sideboard into a family dinner table for up to 4 people.

#4 Desk:

Fold up 1 panel and quickly convert the 4 in 1 console table into to a desk for one person with sufficient workspace for laptops/ monitors. Folding out panels provides workspace for 2 adults or up to 4 kids to do their homework. You can also quickly convert the folding console table desk to a meeting table for 4 people in a tight office environment.

What we love most is that, when it’s no longer the holiday season, and you’re no longer entertaining a bigger group, then this table still comes in handy! Use it to extend your space as a home office or when you need extra surface space for crafts and hobbies, baking, prep work and so much more! The possibilities are endless. And when you’re done, simply fold it and create more flow in your room!

The 4 in 1 Table is also perfect for small businesses that have occasional meetings or casual office staff. With so many options, there truly are many ways to use this functional item in the home, or at work!

Check it out for yourself online at SpaceSave.

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