Zoey Online: Get Your Guest Bedroom in Shape This Season

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As seasons change, the time comes to give our bedrooms a fresh new makeover! Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming Spring trends? Follow along for some top tips to get your guest bedroom ready for the new season…

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, so imagine one that would provide the ultimate comfort for your guests after a long trip. A beautiful and serene bedroom also offers a haven of peace and tranquillity after a busy day of shopping and visiting. Creating this effect for your guests during the festive season will help them feel safe, comfortable and at peace, even though they are away from home.

What’s needed is a well-designed, functional yet creatively inspired bedroom to encourage your guests to engage all of their senses. You want to create an atmosphere in which they can fully take in the beauty of the furnishings and the play of light; where they want to feel the textures of the fabrics as well as the objects that have been carefully placed for their delight; and to relish the silence and the gentle sounds of nature that will give them a sense of serenity.

What are the most important items to focus on for the bedroom?

● Headboard – Start by making sure that the bed is comfortable – not too firm and not too soft. Place a ZOEY headboard in the colour scheme on the wall behind the bed or choose a headboard with matching pedestals to frame the bed and give it prominence in the room. Add a touch of warmth and luxuriousness by laying a cosy, textured throw stylishly across the bed.

● Colours – Colours have been shown to affect mood and quality of sleep. Soft, neutral colours can aid sleep, so blend light tones of beige, ecru and taupe together with hues of cream or white to dress the bed for comfort, luxury and a peaceful sleep.

● Pedestals: Place a ZOEY pedestal on either side of the bed and position a lamp with the lampshade in the colour scheme and bulbs that cast soft, yellow, warm light. Arrange a few books on it that you know your guest will enjoy.

● Linen: Choose quality linen that is light and priced within your budget and creates the impression of luxury and comfort.

● Ottoman: Position an easy chair next to the window, so that your guests can enjoy their morning coffee and read a good book at the start of the day.

● Rugs: Place a thick rug two-thirds of the way under the bed to give the feeling of symmetry, continuity, balance and sophistication with the headboard.

● Decor Accents: Add a touch of nature with an indoor plant or a vase of fresh cut flowers. Poinsettias are particularly popular at this time of year. Smell is also important so add a strategically placed scented candle or reed diffuser to create a welcoming ambience as soon as guests step into the room.

● Sweet treats: You want your guests to savour the treats and refreshments that you have left for them to enjoy. This needn’t cost a fortune – simply place a small bowl of candies or mints on the side pedestal (avoid chocolates or heat sensitive products). Alternatively, create a small tea and coffee area with rusks or biscuits.

● Feature wall: This one requires a little more DIY time and extra budget, but you can create a feature wall by painting the wall opposite the bed in beige, ecru or taupe – or applying tasteful wallpaper – to pull the room together and finish off your creation beautifully.

As a homeowner – you don’t need to break the bank to create a sophisticated look that will make your guests feel that the bedroom has been professionally styled.

It need not cost the earth to create a memorable experience for your guests. There are many ways to achieve a look of luxury at an affordable price with quality furnishings from ZOEY.

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